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Human Sexual Behavior STDSSTIS People Like UsBill and Jeff FisherVideo shows us that the livingpsychosocial way of life with HIV has not changedThese two are the top researchers in STIs and pregnanciesSTI rates are increasing because of the lack of use of condomsSerial monogamywhere the individual will stay faithful with that partner but discontinue to use protection at some point The couple breaks up and then the cycle continuesMothers can pass STDs to children at birthoGonorrhea syphilis herpes HPV etcGetting TestedPap tests are a screening for cervical canceroCervical swab for women but no test for menBlood test only check for what the doctor asks them to look forAnnual check up do not check for any sexually related diseases There is no test that can determine if you have herpesHerpes blood testoEveryones been exposed to itHPVIt is like getting the common cold virusoAntibiotics treat bacteriaAges 1824 have been hit with HPVOver 95 of people who get HPV body clears it awayCan be exposed to HPV every time you have sexGardasil not accurateonly fights 4 strains of HPV out of the 12015 failed pap testsThere are a few strains of HPV that can cause cancer if not treated in early yearsCervical cancer can happen without having sexIncredible amount that we still dont knowColoscopycolonoscopyway to check the colon and intestines through the insertion in the rectum There is no blood test to check for HPVHerpesOnce you have it you always have itno cureIs transmissible anytime even if you havent had an outbreak in 6 monthsoCan be transmitted through sharing drinksWhen immune system is down more likely to contract outbreakSome people get an outbreak each time they have their periodsHerpes type 1 and type 2oIf you have a cold sore and perform oral sex on another the cold sore can transmit to genital herpes on partnerHerpes blood testeveryone has been exposed to itDangerous while pregnantoBaby can be born with blindness brain damageHIVIs the virus that makes the body more susceptible to bad thingsPassed through bodily fluids like blood and salivaCan stop from replication by how much is in viral bloodAntiretroviral aka AIDS cocktailProtease Inhibitors July 1996oResearch found that HIV does not convert to AIDSoIf not treated HIV disease can proliferate to AIDSAIDS allows you to die of something that your body can no longer fight offNot aware of how AIDS startedNot taking drugs means that the body becomes resistantIf you are the receiver during sexual intercoursemore likely to receive HIVCan be detected at 36 months
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