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1Sexuality and the Life Cycle Childhood and AdolescenceChapter 10Infancy 02 yearsThe capacity of the human body to show a sexual response is present at birth some males are born with erections while vaginal lubrication is found in females within the first 24 hours after birthMotherinfant relationships involve a good deal of physical contact engaging tactile olfactory visual and auditory senses Most activities involve sensitive organs genitals lips mouth and anusSelfstimulationoInfants fondling genitals seem to be pleasurable and sexually stimulating though rhythmic manipulation associated with masturbation does not begin until age twoandahalf to age threeoIf permitted to manipulate genitals children can begin to masturbate as early as age six to eightoOrgasms from selfstimulation are possible even at this early stageInfantinfant sexual encountersoInfants and young children are very selfcentered they usually play next to rather than with one anotheroIn later infancy children will sometimes kiss hug pat stroke and gaze at one another which can be affectionate or sexual These behaviours are part of erotic intimacy later in lifeNongenital sensual experiences
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