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PSY 3122 LECTURE 2190613Purigans of England Founders of the USPurigansBelieved that sexual activity was normalSex was a wifes privilege and husbands responsibilityForbidden kinds of sex crimeFounder church elders18371901Victorian Era Period in which sexual interest was viewed as animalisticConcern of hygiene rather than religionInstead of belief must be justified with scienceSpermatorrhea if men lose too much they could deplete it and get diseaseFocus on men ejaculations etcMen seen as unable to control themselvesmental blindnessFirst time in Western history it becomes a Womens responsibility and Mans privilege since men cannot control themselves and women must control themprevious lecture about having sex on Sabbath holiest day good deed also good if women is infertile postmenopause already pregnant so double the deeds since it means its for pleasureChildren with mittens in bed so they couldnt masturbate Hands on top of bed sheetsWomen had to be covered head to toeArms and legs limbsBreast bosom so even the language was coveredGenitals in statues coveredTemptation avoided NOT because sinful but because of spermatorrhea No correlation between desire levelVictorin era what did they do for sexual expression1Prostitution 40000 1880s in one city alone2PornographyPeriod during which we start having justification that if women reveals herself its her fault she gets assaulted or rapedStrong class differences in this eraIn court of Queen Victoria sexual excessesBut the very poor are also idea that poor are naturally animalisticMiddle class gets the burden of the birtuesTURN of the century 1901 qvictoria dies
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