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University of Ottawa
Mary Theresa Howard

Chapter 16An Aging PopulationCanadians can expect the pop as a whole to become older3 Major Factors working together will produce this trendoThe aging of the babyboomer generationoThe low birth rateoAdvances in medical technologyWhat it means to have an aging popThe aging of the population will have a number of consequences in the futureoWho will support the growing number of seniorsoWhat new or expanded services will be neededoHow much will the costs of medical care increase as seniors age and how will such costs be coveredThe dependency RatioThe dependency ratio is a way of comparing dependents such as children or retired seniors to providers who are in the work forceIn the 1950s and 1960s Canada had high dependency ratios bc of the large number of children born during the baby boom There was a sharp decline in the ratio as boomers entered the work forceIt is rising again as the boomers retire and should increase in the following yearsDifferent Types of FamiliesThe different types of family forms has increased since the 60sThis trend is expec
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