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University of Ottawa
Mary Theresa Howard

Chapter 13Problems in the FamilyOverviewAn individual familys experience of stress crises and subsequent adaptation is an ongoing and dynamic processThe process of adaptation is affected by the familys response to a stressful event their available resources and presence or absence of effective coping strategiesAdaptation exists on a continuum from positive adaptation bonadaptation to maladaptation resulting in increased or decreased family functioningAssumptions1Families over the course of life face hardships and changes as a natural and predictable aspect of family life2Families develop basic competencies patterns of functioning and capabilities to foster the growth and development of family members and the family unit and to protect the family from major disruptions in the face of transitions and changes3Families develop basic and unique competencies patterns of functioning and capabilities designed to protect the family from unexpected or nonnormative stressors and strains and to foster the familys recovery following a family crisis or major transition or change4Families draw from and contribute to the network of relationships and resources in the community including its ethnicity and cultural heritage particularly during periods of family stress and crises5Families faced with crisis situations demanding changes in the familys functioning work to restore order harmony sand balance even in the midst of changeImpact of Problems on FamiliesDealing with a New Problem Solutions may be functional or dysfunctionaloThey may increase familys ability to solve new problems functionaloThey may temporarily reduce family tensions but create new problems in the future dysfunctionalOriginal family stress theory was developed by Reuben Hill 1949 who studied families response to war war separation and eventual reunionThe ABCX model detailed how the three factors the ABC components of a stressor event the familys perception of that stressor and the familys existing resources interacted to predict the likelihood of a crisis X occurringThe ABCX model of response to a new problem whereoArefers to the stressor event Crisis precipitating eventoBrefers to the impact of the stressor on a familys resourcesoCrefers to the way the family members view the stressing eventoXrefers to the crisis that follows
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