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Crosscultural PsychologyJan 6 2010Textbook Heine S 2008 Cultural psychology Toronto WW Norton Third World in Canada film related to Aboriginal peoples It seems Canadians are much more accepting of some immigrants than other cultural groupsPiagetDasen PWe will begin with Chapter 12 Living in Multicultural Worlds MigrationAboriginal peoples January 6 and 11 In the United States all of the universities are unilingual What is interesting is that at the bilingual University of Ottawa the french and english peoples are for the most part extremely segregated Culturally we are all migrants except the aboriginal peoples Aboriginal peoples will be covered in class lectures since they are not covered in the text Evaluationi25 x 2 midterm exams 50ii5x 3 forums 15 discuss monographic research single specialized subject or aspect of itof participation is important but no more than 3 Relate it to your own experience of life iii 35 final research paper theoretical relate the research topic with your personal life experiences etc to make it more interesting eg for a migrant discuss migration eg also issues related to gender etc Type of essay introduction where you share your personal motivationlater the development of that 12 page for the abstract body conclusionreferences You are allowed to work individually or in small groups of 2 or 3 Even studies from 80s and 90s may be relevant you may use these but 23 should be more recentMulticulturalCanada Heine pp 508545 Our former Governor General was an immigrant and yet was appointed by the Queen Intelligent politically etc University students which country do you think it is Seems to be an asian country but note the crown on their gown it is Canada Article 13 of Canadas populationup to 144 million peoplewill be a visible minority by 2031 Statistics canada projects250000 people becoming permanent Canadian residents every year One of the largest reasons is economical Canada needs immigrants Why does the prof think that Canada is the most friendly country towards immigrants Cest ltranger European countries are overpopulated for the most part Canada is not there is plenty of room to withstand migrants Always attempting to match the American economy Another aspect is birth rate which is very low in Canada In order to maintain theof habitants in a country the birth rate must be 21 The birth rate is however around 17 Many remain single some may be homosexual or are even content with just a pet Why is it that Canadians do not produce more children just pets Its cheaper So migrants are another way of overcoming this low birth rate Moving to a New Culture iHoneymoon phase positive feelingsii Crisis of culture Shock drop to negative feelings toward host cultureiii Adjustment A common pattern of adjustment to acculturation In the first few months people have very positive feelings towards the host culture but over time this gives way to the negative feelings associated with culture shock Language barrier etc Over time people often develop positive feelings towards the host culture With immigrants from Japan however this figure seems to be reversed Why Lecture 2 January 13 2011Criteriaforresearchpaperfind a topic that you have personal experience with so that you can explain your personal motivations even if you mention that you have no experience at all with aboriginal peoples that is a personal experienceyou may refer to Heines text but its not one of the 5 empirical articles APA American Psychological Association stylecritical thinking what do you think about itConsider research topic on online forumUniversality of the psychological scienceSerial position effect you are more likely to remember the first and last words of a list ColeScribner were very interested in the connection between cognition and culture In the case of The Kpelle people of Liberia they do not follow this curve Because of their memory recall strategy type of narrative strategy to recall things This is why it is so important to extent psychological research beyond Western countries Culture What is culture for you sharing knowledge or informationtraditionssocial normsshared set of values beliefs attitudesGive an example of something that is not cultural Even nature is largely altered by humans 160 different concepts of culture can be definedcultural idea of cultivatingthis house is a cultural productwe are surrounded by cultural products Important to consider Heines definition of culture in 2 parts
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