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Crosscultural psy3126CChapter 5 Self and Personalitysocial tightnessChapter 6 MotivationSex Role Ideology scale in 14 countries egalitarian Chapter 7 Morality Religion and Justicevs traditional gender attitudes Chapter 8 EmotionsNote 1 different world views 2 regardless of where data was collected within a culture menwomen Definitionstended to share fairly similar views 3 In every case Chapter 5Self and personalitymales had significantly more traditional gender views than females probably because they benefit men The selfconceptthe nature of our selves strongly more except Malaysia and Pakistaninfluences the ways we perceive and interact with One variable that seemed to have a large impact on our social worldsgender views was theof people in a country who 20Statements Test reveals cultures influence on our embraced a particular religion identities in 2 ways 1 superficial and 1 deeper 1 Essentialized gender identity eg Americans do not merely providing the content about the ways we essentialize female gender identity to a great degree think of ourselves 2 in their structure can involve themselves in traditionally male Independent view of self selfcontained model thingsbut male identity less changeablemore derives identity from inner attributesessentialized Interdependent view of self importantly connected The gender assoc with more power in a culture is with others grounded in relationships with others not the one that is more likely to be essentializedexperienced as distinct unique entitiesIndividualistic culturesmore likely to elaborate Other Ways That Cultures Differ in the SelfConcept on selfsufficiency1selfconsistency Collectivistic culturesattend to things like close 2selfawarenessrelationships and group memberships more common 3personalityin cultures where children cosleep with parents educationmarriage primarily a matter decided on by SELFCONSISTENCY how we think and behave families 80 of worldacross different situations Beyond individualism and collectivismpower distance how much the less powerful members expectaccept that power is distributed SelfPersonality contunequally SELFAWARENESS Eg Small PDmore consultativedemocratic The self is a unique entity as it can be considered from Australia vs large PDautocraticpaternalistic 2 very dif vantage points Malaysia1 me as the self can be interacted with object and 2 I observes and interacts with the world subjectuncertainty avoidance how much members are anxious about the unknownattempt to cope with Subjective selfawareness when individuals are anxiety by minimizing uncertaintyconsidering themselves from the perspective of the Eg Strong UAexplicit rulesformally structured subjectactivities weak UAimplicitflexible and informalAttention directed away from themAn audience member when your awareness is verticalhorizontal social structure social mobilitiydirected to the stage status change in terms of social hierarchy People tend to experience this state as positive Vertical mobilitymaterial wealthability to move up class systemconcernfree up or down the socioeconomic scaleObjective selfawareness when individuals consider Horizontal mobilitymore general change in positionthemselves as an objectmovement in similar socioeconomic positionsconscious of being evaluatedrelationship structurelikely to consider how they are fairing by comparing intellectual autonomythemselves to a set of standards Mostly ppl in this state become aware of ways they contextdependencemight be falling short of their standards social cynicismsocial complexity and
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