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Personality Final Review1Impacts of ReinforcementaBrain responds differently to positive and negative feedbackbReinforcement leads to changes in dopamine activitycRecorded by basal ganglia and neurons in frontal cortexdReinforcementcognitively encoded in memory2Types of therapytechniquesaAversion therapypairing behaviour with highly noxious stimulus to reduce behaviourbEx electroshock therapycCovert sensitizationimagine consequences and not want to do behaviourdExposure therapycommon to treat phobiasiExposed to objectsituation of phobia have to be relaxediiSystematic desensitization imagine frightening events in fear hierarchy while relaxed3GrayaRefined Eysenyks viewsbThought reinforcement vs punishment must be distinguishedcSuggested introverts are more easily conditioned when threatened with punishmentdExtroverts are more easily conditioned when promised a rewardeBehavioural approach system accounts for individual differences in impulsivity reward not punishmentfBehavioural inhibitions system individual differences in anxiety punishment not rewardgImpulsivity and anxiety4Cultural differences in emotional response aDisplay rules feeling rules iEkman and FrieseniiRules when appropriate to express emotions in publiciiiLearned and socializedbParents shape childs emotions by how they reactcMalatestaMagai 5 ways parents socialize emotionsiReward Punishment Override Neglect MagnifyingdJapanUSAno differences in facial expression when watch movies aloneeJapanUSAin presence of authority more likely to cover negative emotions by smilingiThis is called maskingfNorwayIreland ancestorsIrelandmore emotionally expressivegMatsumotoDesplay Rule Assesment Inventory iRussianshighest control over emotional expressioniiUSAlowest control5RotteraExpended theory of Dollard and Miller social learningbSocial Learning TheoryiBehaviour potential potential of a behaviour happeningiiExpectancy probability that reinforcement will occur after certain behavioursiiiReinforcement value importance of the reinforcementivPsychological situations the situationvNeedsrecognitionstatus protectiondependency dominance independence love and affection physical comfort6Bandura7Bandura8BanduraaAlbert Bandura
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