PAP2320 Lecture 2

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Public Administration
Joshua Zaato

PAP2320 Public Management Joshua Zaato Lecture 2 (Jan 10 ): What is Public Administration? Public Admin in history  The Field of public administration is old and steeped in history o From the Pyramids to the Great wall of China o Greek democracy to the Roman catholic Church  The Church in particular is the epitome of PA in general and bureaucracy in particular o It has clearly defined structure o Power directly associated and linked to ranks o Authority and responsibilities delegated by the Vatican  The agricultural and industrial revolutions were made possible by improvements in PA What is Modern PA then?  PA can be described as: o An academic field of study derived from economics, sociology, political science, law, business, etc o A set of administrative practices and institutional arrangements  We will concern ourselves with the study, practice, and institutional arrangements Early history of Canadian PA  Both British and American Political systems influence PA in Canada  Universities in Canada began to offer degrees in PA at Dalhousie in 1936 and Carleton in 1946  The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) was formed in 1957 and publishes the Canadian Public Administration (CPA)  In Canada, PA has always had an Orphan-like characteristic due to its hybrid nature The Politics-Administration Dichotomy  Woodrow Wilson is credited with the concepts of the Politics administration dichotomy  Wilson argued that administration is separate from politics because “Administrative questions are not political questions"  There is therefore a difference between o Those who make the decisions (Elected politicians), and o Those who implement the decisions (bureaucrats)  Politics is therefore about deciding on what to do (Who gets what, when and how) while administration is about how to do it o Action, expertise, experience, training The Politics-Administration Dichotomy in Reality  In reality and contrary to Wilsonian theoretical construct, the lines between politics and administration are blurred  In aiding and advising elected officials public servants constantly engage in both political formulation and implementation o They have discretion  In the 60’s and 70’s,
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