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University of Ottawa
Public Administration

Section ACentral Agencies in CanadaThe Prime Ministers Office PMO The PMO works directly for the PM and has overtly partisan political roleIts major responsibilities is to serve the PM by providing advice on how policy initiatives will be viewed politically in the country and to assist in other ways that will cast the PM in the best political lightFUNCTIONS Planning major political initiativeProviding a link with party machineryMaintaining good relations with mediaWriting speechesThe Privy Council Office PCOA relative small organisation that provides policy advice and administrative support to the PM cabinet and cabinet committeesThe PCO is headed by a Clerk who is the senior public servant and a secretary to the cabinetThe PCO is staffed by career public servants rather than political appointeesThe Treasury Board TBA cabinet committee consisting of the president of the treasury board the minister of finance and four other ministers appointed by the PMThe TB is a constitutionally established committeeThe head of the TB is a cabinet minister who is appointed as the president and heads the board and its secretariatFunctionsi Review of government the expenditure budget and ii Personnel managementThe Department of Finance Although this is a regular department because of its subject matter it is one of the most politically sensitive agencies of government FunctionsIt shares some of the general concerns of the TB but its main preoccupation is analysing taxation policy and the impact of government activity on the economyIt monitors Canadas economic prospects and predicting the probable level of tax revenues available to the governmentIt also engages in long range economic forecasting and suggests ways to maximize the performance of the economy It seeks to devise policies and strategies that encourage the overall growth of the economy It undertakes fiscal policy and economic analysisCrown CorporationsCrown Corporation CC or Public Enterprise PECC or PE are companies in the ordinary sense of the term whose mandate relates to industrial commercial or financial activities but which also belong to the state are owned by the government or the Crown or whose sole shareholder is the government of the Crown
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