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Public Administration
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Pap2300 Lecture NotesStudy of PA1Every concept must be explainedIts not about what you say 113 its your reasoning behind itWhether we like it or not everyone is affected by PA passport hospital garbage PublicGoods produced in the public interestDetermine publicness1the extent of publicprivate distinction Where you can and cant smoke2Composition of service recipients people using service3Magnitude and intensity of its socioeconomic role How it effects development and nature of the role it plays in society4Degree of public accountability private money is none of the publics citizens business but public money is funded by the public what its spent on should be transparent5Level of public trust does the government follow laws and behave the way it shouldAdministrationA job to be done cant be done by only one person Groups cooperating to achieve common goalsWork forceAdministrationA very large process for all services Many steps and institutions required for things like passportsWoodrow WilsonAdmin is the most important aspect of governmentFrank MariniAA professional practice vocation occupation field of activityBAn academic fieldGovernmentThe most visible part of governmentGovernment in actionAs an academic field it seeks to understand develop criticize and improve practices as well as train individuals for that practicePA refers to on one hand the admin or management of issues would have principally to do with the society people or citizens and if subparts which are not essentially private family or commercial or individualistic On the other hand it is about the discipline of the studyPolitical DefinitionCant live outside political contextAbout what government does or is going to doIts direct and indirectDirect when government employees provide services to the public mail getting passport etc Indirectwhen government pays private companies to deliver servicePublic policy making public policy never ends it changes based on new information all the timePublic Policy is what govt decides to do and not to doPublic interest in the universal libel in which political allies manages the policies and the programs they advocate The public interest is generally goodSince PA is about the states that are bound by an instrument of law PA is law in action execution and implementationThe law that creates an agency or program is known as its ableing legislation The law that legally enables a program to existL2What is PA Is it the same as politicsThey influence each other important to understand both
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