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Public Administration
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Definition of Public Administrationpolitical legalmanagerialoccupational Characteristics of GovernanceNetworksFrom control to influence Blending public and private resources Use of multiple instrumentsWhat is Politics The exercise of powerThe public or authoritative allocation of valued resourcesScience of who get what when howForms of PowerForcecontrol over the body rather than the personPersuasion Authoritya legitimate power Coercioncontrol by the use of threats whether overt or tactic Manipulationwithout threats usually through information and ideasSources of LegitimacyTraditional Legitimacybased on inheritance Charismatic Legitimacyperception and projection of someone with extraordinary qualitiesLegalRational LegitimacyThe rule of lawTypes of Democracy Directcitizens have power rather than through representativesIndirectcitizens hold power indirectly through representativesCharacteristics of Liberal Democracy Equality of Political Rightsevery person has the same right to vote to run for office speak on public issues and carry out at public functions Majority Rulethis is the working principle of decision making whenever we want to make a decision it is the majority of citizens that must be accepted Political Participationcitizens are expected to participate in the process of decision making by electing their representatives to a national or federal provincial municipal officeForms of ParticipationReferendumvote on different thingsInitiativepetition recallremove elected representatives
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