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University of Ottawa
Public Administration

uesday September 11thUnderstanding Public AdminThere are some people who believe that we shouldnt have public administration1970 Fast Oil CrisisBritain Labour Party in Power believes in the efficacy of the StatesGreen NDP Liberals believe in the efficacy of the StatesConservatives believe in market let Wall Street do everythingPublic administration how the states enforce public policiesThere needs to be a balance between market and statesMargaret Thatcher and Regan state should be small market should be bigproblems of society due to stateHow do you make public admin effectiveSince 1970 public admin is influxpeople argue against thatOur lives are affected by public adminImagine no government office to run OSAP government will not be able to administer thatWhat do we mean by publilc administrationWe need to understand scope of public administrationPolicy implementation development evaluationWhat is administrationPublicness of public administration combines two wordsPublic goods that are produced in the public interestPublic goods are goods that are enjoyed by everyone in the society whether white green rich poorie mail services access to highways doesnt matter whether you pay taxes or notPrivate goods not everyone enjoys private house you cant come if uninvited Government looks after the production of these goods and servicesPublic education if you want to go to university the only thing that can stop you from going to uni are your grades in high schoolPublicness also definied by the extent of publicprivate distinctionAnd the composition of service recipientsHow many citizens does the public service serveHow many received OSAPThe public in this sense represents a shared and universally accessible domain involving the interest of all citizens ie not everyone receives welfare chequesthis is governments jobprivate cannot do itc the nature of the role the public in society its broader and more intensive role represents its wider societal impact and thus greater publicness whereas its narrower and weaker role implies its limited social impact and this lesser publicnessin 1930s Air Canada developed as public airlinePublic accountability we pay taxes for these goods so we can call government to account On the other hand you and I have no right to ask CEO of Enbridge how he spent his money unless Im an investorThe processes such as public hearings grievance procedures sunshine lawsFocussing event based on that event you pass a long Sunset or sunshine clausemeans that well look at this law for a period of timeORNGE we want to know what went on but someone wanted to pocket the money also Justice Gomerey inquiryPublic inquiry into the sponsorship scandalwhen Sheila Fraser revealed that some people did something wrong the government ordered a public inquiry Based on this inquiry Harper promised accountabilityHarper brings in Federal Accountability Act everyone politicianpublic servant will be held to accountWalkerton Water got contaminated people running water system got paid with our money so government held public inquiryThe level of public trust how do we trust government to administerPublic trust refers to the credibility leadership and responsiveness of public servants to serve the public In Walkerton call heath director so that he can issue a boil water advisory 999 of beauraucrats do the right thing01 screw up What is administrationAdministration occurs when there is a job that one person cannot due and there must be two peopleThere is a big stone and you cannot roll it Call buddy so that he can helpSomething that one person cannot do This simple act of moving a stone by two people from one place to another has two basic characteristics which has come to be called administrationAThe purpose that is moving the stoneBCooperative action Two people using combined strength to accomplish something that could not have been done without such a combinationAdministration can be referred to as activities of groups cooperating to accomplish common goals that is a cooperative group behaviorIn its narrow sense it meansThose patterns of behavior that are common to many kinds of cooperating groups and that do not depend upon either the specific goals towardwhich they are coorperating or the specific technologicalAdministration in a more restricted sense is not basically concerned with the technological methods used or selected but with the end result It is concerned with such questions as1How the method was chosen2How the 2 people cooperating were selected and induced to cooperate in carrying out the task3How the task was divided between them4How each one learned what his or her particular job in the total pattern5How he or she learned to perform on the job how the person is trained6How his or her efforts are coordinated with the efforts of the others ie how his or h
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