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University of Ottawa
Public Administration

Exam ReviewModule 2Workforce planningcritical management challenge in the public sector todayEffective HR planning requires Strong executive leadership Clearly articulated vision and strategic objectives Proactive attitude Cooperation and support in several functional areas New Public Service Employment Act and the resulting staffing regime are largely built around the existence of HR planning Why is HR Planning Importantplanning is critical if governments are to be prepared for attracting and retaining resources needed in the future to serve the publicWhat is HR Planning Strategic alignment of an organizations human capital with its business directionHR planning isBuilding the longer term context to guide short term decisionmakingFocusing on positions where you need to be proactiveCreating plans that respond to changing strategies and circumstancesFocusing and looking ahead to what will be and what ought to beBuilding capacity and capability Methodical process of analysing the current workforce determining future workforce needs identifying the gap between the present and the future andimplementing solutions so the organization can accomplish its vision and objectives3 approaches to HR PlanningWorkforce approachprofile people and occupations and conduct workforce forecastsWorkload approachassess critical work determine process that drive work and forecast future workloadCompetency approachassess sets of behaviour knowledge skills that are critical to successful work to achieve the organizations strategic objectives
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