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Public Administration
Robert Johnson

PAP3350 Exam Notes: Week 7: Policy formulation and policy design Determining what actions government can take, and with whom? Policy formulation and design In the policy cycle, policy formulation represents the stage of getting prepared to address issues that are on the agenda Identifying alternative courses of action for mobilizing the authorities and resources of the State In Howlett, Ramesh and Perls model, the key actors are the policy subsystem, encompassing Discourse communities (knowledgeable commentators and stakeholders), and Policy networks (authoritative decisionmakers) Linking State, societal and international system actors In practice, a central role is played by policy analysts and researchers Links to evaluation stage of the policy cycle Phases of policy formulation Policy formulation is inherently messy, with no fixed groundrules or timeframe Sensitive to institutional context, actors, history It is useful to think of four phases in which options are identified and carried forward to decisionmaking, Not always in sequence Shifting cast of actors, inputs, discussion and refinement Often involve various forms of more or less public consultation and interaction Structure of consultations can influence outcome Phases Appraisal of data and evidence Dialogue among actors about nature of issue, options Formulation of policy options and proposals Consolidation in light of feedback General content of policy formulation HRP Policy formulation is about identifying the technical and political constraints on State action A key issue is what is feasible Political constraints voter and politician acceptance Technical constraints State capacity Substantive constraints innate to the nature of the problem, what is technically possible Procedural constraints institutional (administrative and legalconstitutional) and tactical (actors and ideas) Assessing and responding to these constraints involves input from both political realm and technical experts
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