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University of Ottawa
Public Administration

PAP3370 Tuesday 170120121Organizations and what they do 2Systemic explanations of organizations3Modernity and theories of organizations4Reactions to modernist thinking1Organizations and what they doIndustry CanadaHealth Canada these two have to work together to achieve their goals to achieve better medicines and to achieve better health care Environment and Ministry of Transportation must work together because transportationpollutionHow can the transportations policies promote my goal of better environmentOrganizations all have their own type of vocabularies Some things are important others are not Information might be more important to one organization than another This frustrates any sort of cooperation or coordination Private sectorthere are various aspects IE pursuit of profitVoluntary sector has its own as well Reality is that stakes dont go under in terms of actually going bankrupt that doesnt happen with public organizations It changes how they operate Economic conditions are not present in the public sectorcant take this too far because there is always money presentThe money being used comes from citizens creates bonds between citizens and public organizations One of the reasons our public organizations have not become corrupt But these economic considerations are not always at the forefront Most people dont want public organizations based on the motive of profit Ex Parking ticketsjust a tax grab Always have to remember they are made up of people these people came from other organizations and this will change how they approach this public organization Adds greater complexity 1All organizations are always designed to be long term 2Expected to be durable 3Always seem to support doing a specific set of activities4They have to be reliable IE repetitionthey know how to repeat a task and do it well
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