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Study Guides for Public Administration at University of Ottawa (UOTTAWA)

UOTTAWAPAP 3365Mahmoud MaesaliFall

PAP 3365 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Neoliberalism, International Law, Human Rights

OC129166625 Page
Moral incentive behind international development paradigms (1) realism. Main assumptions (sss: security: international system is anarchical and conflic
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UOTTAWAPAP3902Vlasios MelansakisFall

PAP3902- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 45 pages long!)

OC217702645 Page
The broad approaches you can take in the form of regulation. Inform: inform to correct a market inefficiency to correct, and the way you do that makes
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UOTTAWAPAP 1701Louis SimardFall

PAP1701- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 42 pages long!)

OC196849042 Page
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UOTTAWAPAP 4310Miriam LevittFall

[PAP4310] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (51 pages long!)

OC32695451 Page
Defined as the process of assigning numbers or labels to objects, events, or people according to a particular set of rules. Identify objects to be meas
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UOTTAWAPAP 3340David BrownFall

[PAP3340] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 44 pages long Study Guide!

OC32695444 Page
Week 2 september 13 the context for hr in the public sector. Can incorporate external material during group reading presentation. Send summary page (2
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UOTTAWAPAP 3325Ishara MahatFall

[PAP3325] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (43 pages long!)

OC32695443 Page
Higher the class, the more discrimination faced. Public policy associated with the government, for the benefit of citizens/public interest: rules and r
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UOTTAWAPAP 1701Louis SimardFall

PAP 1701 Study Guide - Final Guide: La Nature, Authorization, Le Monde

OC219881255 Page
Semaine 1 et 2 le politique et la soci t d mocratique moderne. L"int r t g n ral : ce qui b n fice l"ensemble des membres d"une communaut , soit une co
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UOTTAWAPAP 3350Robert JohnsonWinter

PAP3350 Final: PAP3350 Final Exam [8005071] CARRIER

OC3159874 Page
Please describe one example in terms of these factors. A threat is classified based on randomness, severity, uniqueness, and time compression. An event
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UOTTAWAPAP 3350Robert JohnsonFall

PAP3350 Final: PAP3 Exam Notes

OC128233268 Page
In the policy cycle, policy formulation represents the stage of getting prepared to address issues that are on the agenda. Identifying alternative cour
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UOTTAWAPAP 3370Christopher CooperWinter

PAP 3370 Study Guide - Final Guide: Philip Selznick, Total Quality Management, Statistical Process Control

OC120961818 Page
Three definitions of organizations: rational: defines orgs as collectivities oriented towards the pursuit of relatively specific goals, exhibiting a hi
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UOTTAWAPAP 1301David BrownFall

PAP 1301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Youth Vote In The United States, Elections Canada, Visible Minority

OC8792705 Page
Turnout now sets course for adulthood, not engaged then for life. Socio demographic, socialization, attitudinal, political knowledge grade 10-12 studen
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UOTTAWAPAP 2300Christopher CooperFall

PAP 2300 Study Guide - Final Guide: Public Choice, Cronyism, Spoils System

OC31598714 Page
Interested in the managerial practices and institutional values by which officials will enact the will of sovereign authority : set of administrative p
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