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University of Ottawa
Religious Studies

March 113Feminist WitchcraftStart with no spiritual component at allth20 century phenomenonend of WWII where women were working out of the house and then when men came back they were told to go homeGrowth of suburbs1950s baby boomEveryone has their own home but people dont know each otherWomen became isolated from each other1960s movement where Indian philosophy comes to the WestExotic spirituality and consciousness raisingHinduism and Buddhism come to the WestConsciousness raisingwomen start talking about lifepolitical social and spiritualThey get together and have discussionsExamine our social structureBrings about ogay liberation movementoantiwar movement 16 year olds and up forced to joinowomens liberation movement feminismoinflux of new spiritualtiesoblack power Rosa Parks on busoSocial consciousness oQuebec Crisisto be recognized as separate society and have language in English and French the October CrisisSocial Pressures and ChangeAll politicalsocial changeswe get womens movement looking for powerful wordsStarts as a result from consciousness raising women reclaiming words ie bitch witch Words have powerGives rise to two political movementsoWITCH60s and 70schose this word as an acronym as a political statement to reclaim the worldUsed by religious people but a
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