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Occultocculted something which is hidden except for the people inside living it studied trained right knowledge to access itMagic k magic form of entertainment magik force of the world same as form of electricityBlack magic bad AfricaWhite magic good EuropeCulture mutually agreed on is learned Taboo makes you cringeMythology mythoslogos mythology is not false very rich in contentMythos is multiple meaning poetry is a form of mythoslayers of implied knowledgeCosmology cosmos the universe a world view how we perceive thingsAxiology comes from axis axiom our valueshow you act axe actTerminology Lecture Witch 1Anthropology when they didnt identify them as a religious organizationWitchcraft is a pejorative termSpiritual healershamanmedicine man witch doctor not used anymore2Historically the witch craze the witch burning witch huntThe horrible things that these people did they were linked to the devilthth1617 hundreds3Religious contemporaryWitch is a religious identity Wiccan fastest growing religionThey have very little written workThey were often illiterate and preached orally4Goddess worshipfeministwitch A fusion of political and religion The focus on the goddesses and not much on the gods
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