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Religious Studies

SRS1100Ritual See p 234235 in Rabinovitch See p 7791 in SteinStein A Series of Routinized activities A series of repeated actions at certain times under certain circumstancesNot always religious Ex OCDHockey players hit the Goalies neepad with their stick before the start of the game for good luck A routine of certain actions in a certain order The goaldesired result is to have an effect in daily life Another example is a rite of passage Bachelor PartiesBirthday PartiesFraternity and Sorority HazingMythology See Chapter 2 in SteinStein UntruthFibLie Urban Myth Derives from Muthos More than one level of meaning Many layersmeanings Other word Logos Clear with no confusion over the definition Ex The Word Chalk is a word that only means one thing Also defined as Sacred Origin Text Myths that lose their Sacredness become Legends Ology is the Greek word meaning Study of SociologyAnthropologyCosmologyLegends See p 31 in SteinStein Teaching stories to understandeducate people about unknown phenomenon No set time highly focused Some truth but not in its entirety Difference between Myth and Legend Myth is Sacred to some people Legend is Not Sacred an explanationFolk Tale See p 31 in SteinStein Begins with Once upon a Time ends with Happily Ever After Teaches basic morals Dont go into the woods alone is from Red Riding Hood Not a real time or place but does have educational value Usually taught to children and are more commonly known as FablesCosmology Derives from the Word Cosmo defined as WorldWorldview Defines how the universe is structured Derives from Mythology SeenDescribed as a HierarchyAxiology AxiumGolden Rule Treat others the way you would want to be treated Value system What is important morally Morals taught by religion Based on Cosmology Bumper Sticker Quotations Witch See p 304 in Rabinovitch 5 Different kinds of Witches Anthropology 1A person with supernatural abilitiestalents found in the folklore of cultures around the world 2WitchDoctors being labeled as Shamans 3Normally associated with evil intent Female Evil Old DevilSatan derived powers 1Would be disguised as a young seductive female Glamour was magical 2Pact with the devil History 1During the period of Witch Hunting See notes for further definition of Witch Hunts Politics 11960s1970s Womens movements where political protests used acronyms for their group 1WITCH Womens Intl Terrorist Conspiracy from HellWICCA Women in Constant Creative Action NeoPagans 1People who call themselves WitchesWiccans who claim the heritage of the folk healers and midwives of history 2HerbalistsWitchDoctors of the 21st Century Satanists 1Members of NeoSatanic organizations Church of Satan use the term Witch to describe themselvesWarlock See p 292 in Rabinovitch Male who was described as an Oath Breaker Waer Loga is the AngloSaxon word for OathBreakerMagician Male Good Old StudiesEducates himself in the magical arts Where powers are derived from Wizard Stage Magician is Male who deals with Slightofhand Illusions 1Females are rarely Stage Magicians due to historical views of Women and MagicSorcereress See Glossary in SteinStein p 264 entry 7 from top Male or FemaleOld or YoungGood or Evil Br And Fr Do not have same meaning 1English TranslationSomeone who readsaffects fate1Sorc is the Latin term for Fate 2Interpret fate using technology and knowledge given to them 3The Info can allow the individual to affectcreate something to help control fate AmuletCharm 4Born into it and is Educated in it French TranslationWitchWizard THE MAGICIAN AND THE PRIEST movieSociety placed into different categories AgriculturalNomadsSemiNomads Evolution of the patterns of change have not followed normal progression New research suggests Agriculturalists came before nomadic people Agricultural people and Nomadic people cannot live close together due to the large difference of their wayoflife
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