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Magic It has 2 meaning 1Stage entertainment Chris Angel2Magik Invented by Aleister Crowley in the 1900sUse of WillUse of an intangible power or FORCE ex Praying to ask God Magic is neither good nor bad its the intention of the person using it Occult considered a bad word because of the 1940s Definition Hidden The occult magic occulted knowledge Ex MK on water bottles food packagesMontral kosher Jewishocculted because its hidden CosmologyDefinition Derived from the sacred origin text CosmoWorld view AxiologyDefinition Values of how you live your life Axio Truisms about life Mythology Mythology comes from Mutho words with layers of meaning and interpretations metaphoric and Logos no level of interpretationclear ex pen Greek words Myth is sacred history storyThe people who believe the myth they honestly think its true CultureDefinition Social constructs they are constructedImplicitCultural norms are thoughtHow you dressthey change from place to place They tell you about race boundaries 5 categories of things that are not related but have witch in them1 Witch witchcraft Anthropology Western Europe Spainnarrow view of religion when they see different religion they think its odd so they call them witcheswitchdoctors are now called Shaman religious practitioner 2 Historical witch 14001800 renascenceBurning timeshuntingAccused of doing witchcraft Before 1500 they just tortured them in the 15001600 it became lethal killing them3Religious witch Modern phenomenon religious world view 1980 and laterThey called themselves Wiccans Does not worship the devil but worships preChristianity4PoliticalGodest worshipFeminist Political fusion19601970looking for women GodsFeminist statement5Satan satanic witches Satanist1960 Metaphor for self intelligenceClassical profilesWitch Always females EvilNot by choice never called themselves witches but was accused Pact with the devil she had to turn to the devil not born a witch young and sexy or old and uglyWarlock ManOath breakerEvil
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