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THREADINGS AFTER THE MIDTERM START IN THE 7 PAGEthSept 14 The GoddessAlso known as the Great Goddess or Great Mother Goddess is the main focus for neopagans wiccans and dianics The Goddess is also understood as the Earth Mother the earth we live onwe are her creatures Devotees refer a sGaia Ancient Greek earth GoddessFeminist Witch Starhawk says Goddess does not rule the world She is the world The Goddess is present within meaning she is IN the world she is present in both naturehuman natureShe is the oldestwas once the most widely worshipped Gods She was central all through ancient Europethe Mediterranean area during late Stone Ageinto the Neolithic Age6500 BCE the Goddess culture developed all over EasternSouthern Europe Achaeologist Marija Gimbutas named the developing culture Old Europe Old Europe meant matrifocal sedentary peaceful artloving earthsea bound In the Old Culture the Goddess gave tookrenewed life4000 BCE the Goddess cultre was shattered due to invasion from the north The conquerors were in a patrifocal mobile warlike orientedindifferent to art Some conquerors dealt w the Goddess religion in various ways such as destroying the Goddess completely by attachingwiping her shrines The Goddess is described as the dark nuturing mother who brings forth all life or Earth The Earth is the Goddesss body The Goddess empowers her devoteesShe is the Triple Goddess 1 She is a waning moon Crone wise woman 2 she is the full moon mature woman mother birther and nurturer 3 She is the waxing moon the adolescent and maidenthSept 14 Reconstructing Celtic Spirituality in EuropeAt first the neo pagan groups are viewed as an imaginative reaction against materialism or Christianity that was created as a continuation of older traditions However from the European perspective these groups are a continuation of a native tradition similar to the New American groups Sun Bear Tribe that are open to participants from all races In Europe the native tradition are embedded in places names buildings ceremonies customaryChristian It is understood that these Pagan traditions died centuries ago To bring back the Pagan tradition means to practicing them with a conscious effortModern Pagans live intelligently in accordance w Nature In some pagan traditions nature is seen as a god or goddess Meaning there is also a strong sense of spirit in a place that has striking features or strong significance for ppl of that in that place In Europe it is filled with Pagan traditions and their past There are so many temples shrinesstatues dedicated to this group There is the The Coliseum in Romse that are used today to stage theatre musicgames
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