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TerminologyOccultThis word comes from the word occultive Something which is occult or occultive is something which is hidden from view from everyone except for those who have access to it These members must have the right training and be knowledgeable Example I occulted the windows I hid the viewMagickAn author added the k to the end of magic to differentiate betweenMagic This is stage entertainment that has nothing to do with powers but has to do with the trickery of the eye illusionsMagick This deals with powers and unknown forces that exist in the world This is somewhat similar to electricity because you cannot directly see it but you can see its effects It is occulted because you need to be trained and initiated into the practice Magick is neither good nor bad there is no value put on it CultureThis is a collection of mutually agreed ideas traditions and symbols that form how we see learn and understand the world Cultural values and norms are learned eg we are not born knowing that we must not marry our first cousin and they determine what is acceptable not acceptable or taboo any action that is absolutely unacceptable and you must not do because they break hard rulesReligion plays a huge part in you cultural identity MythologyIt is commonly believed that a myth is something that is completely false and untrue but this is not correct The Greeks originally used two words that help explain what mythology really meansLogos This is a word that is absolutely clear and literal There is no need for interpretation because there is only one meaning It is the literal word of GodMuthos Mythology derives from this word This kind of word has many layers of implied meanings which allow for new interpretations A common example of this is poetryMythology is sacred origin stories or texts Texts is not used as often because people assume print Mythology was once dictated verbally not as a written text It is a narrative of the teachings of a religion which is understood as sacred and true to the people of the religion Ex God created Adam and Eve is made from one of Adams ribsCosmologyThis is related to the universe cosmos It is a world view which is directly drawn from the sacred mythology you learned when you were a child It is the interpretation and application of sacred mythology into realityEx Men were created first therefore they must be superior while women were created to be supporters not equalsAxiologyThis is in relation to the axis the center on which the world spins around It is the values in how you live your life and how you believe the world is similar to bumper stickers Everyone has embedded axiological assumptions Ex In the 1950s men brought back the money and women took care of the house The value is that men go out to work which places them at a higher prestige than womenWitchDifferent fields of study have different definitions for this wordAnthropologyThis term was used around 100300 years ago Religious systems that didnt look like their own would be considered witchcraft Where one community may worship a shaman other communities would believe that person is a witch doctor blanket description of the ceremonial leaders of smallscale communitiesHistoricalThis is the definition that is associated with the witch crazewitch burningwitch hunting It is used as a negative term those people are in league with the devil It is Christianrooted The last time this definition was very popular was in the late 1600s early 1700s in EuropeReligiousThis definition is more contemporary and has no connection to the anthropology or historical definition This field of study says a witch is someones religious path and the identification of their spirituality
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