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ENCYCLOPEDIA READINGSALEXANDRIANSimilar to Gardnerians Rituals very formal and heavy indebted to Western ceremonial magic Emphasis of the Goddess and the God male and femaleHoly year has a division holly king and oak kingoRitual dramas deal with the theme of a dying resurrected godCreated by Alex Sanders and wife Maxine SandersAlex claimed he was initiated into a family tradition of Wicca by his grandmotheroBut he actually got initiated by a Gardnerian Witch The name Alexandrian does NOT refer to Alex but the Egyptian city Alexandria Style tends to be somewhat more varied Ritual nudity is an option Asa rule Alexandrians focused strongly upon training and place more emphasis on ceremonial magic practices such as Kabbalah Hierarchical high priestess meet once a week or one full moons new moons and festivals Same tools as Gardnerian oSome cases different the tools of art are differently oCosmetic and deep philosophical differences Over the past 30 years the traditions have moved closely towards each other CHARLES ARNOLD Served in the US army Came to Canada after he was done with the armyoHe began studying the craft in the late 1970s first as a solitary and later more formallyPart of Toronto neoPagan community at various times he was a member of the Wiccan Church and part of the board of director
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