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Women and Religion First Midterm

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Religious Studies
Naomi Goldenberg

Women and Religion- Personal=political -political doesn’t mean what we think in this case -political=greek=city/town (means public eye) -early fem move focused on bringing personal issues (dom-abuse) into public/into law sphere -ppl saw women's freedom(travel, edu, etc)as limited by sexe -idea of divorce b/c of dom.abuse fems wanted it to be a public thing because it then justified divorce and made divorce "okay" to do if your husband beat you -abortion another personal which is thrown/has become a public thing -personal realization of how "grim" the situation was for women was as important as doing political "action" such as protests. -that "political" refers to any power relationships, not just those of government or elected officials. 2. `gender politics` social power wo/men Gen-3.1-20 (Adam/ Eve) Passage shows -world created, adam, garden, animals (everything) then eve to help Adam take care of everything -"help" adam care for everything of the world -Images of women in old testament-phyllis bird "woman is, along w/man, the direct and intentional creation of God and the crown of his creation. Man and woman were made for each other. Together they constitute humankind, which is in its full and essential nature bisexual(72)" -woman being "born" out of two men God+Adam (woman being below/created by men) -god puts adam to sleep (spares him all pain), takes eve out of adam's rib -both are naked, not a problem in the world, snake appears -snake convinces eve to eat of the tree (of knowledge of good and evil), eve does, then gives to adam -when God asks what they have done and why did they defy him adam essentially blames eve for doing it to him (this shows women being root of evil and more likely to give in to temptation) -men's superiority--God dolls out the punishment for adam, eve and snake. -God (man) punishes Eve (women) with the pain of childbirth, hatred/dislike towards snakes and all of her descendants also dislike snakes -God(man) punishes Adam (man) with having to work for everything (no longer enjoys simply tolling the ground as something to do -this punishment is for affects both men and woman, both have to work for what they want/need where as woman's punishment is only women specific. 3.Old testament +/- equality of genders -doesn’t suggest or show any equality throughout old women are treated as property or an item a man may have control and authority over (as with children,livestock,slaves,etc) -sexual transgressions- #s c5v12-20- If a woman is suspected to have slept with a man (not her hubby) but it cant be proven cause no one saw it/it was done in private or if a man is to suspect that his wife is cheating on him even though she hasn’t the two of them must go to a priest with the following: 2lbs barley flour (plain) -priest will have the woman step forward and will mix her a drink (holy water+dust/dirt from tabernacle) -woman drinks this, if she's sick she is guilty and husband was write (cause for a divorce) -woman drinks and is fine husband was wrong and life goes on If a man commits a transgression-wife cant do anything if she suspects husband is sleeping around, it's something that happens and isnt a big deal n fact if a woman is barren the husband is allowed/its not wrong for him to go out and get a concubine or a harlot to bare a child for him. Or wife offers a slave to bare his children if money is an issue (GEN30:1-3 Rachel had not borne Jacob any children, and so she became jealous of her sister and said to Jacob, “Give me children, or I will die.”2 Jacob became angry
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