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Study Guides for SCS 1160 at University of Ottawa (UOTTAWA)

UOTTAWASCS 1160Andreas BussWinter

[SCS1160] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (44 pages long)

OC90473844 Page
29 Nov 2016
Mac weber"s theory which is in regard to social ideas and his theory of social science. He was born in germany in 1864, in a well to do family, his fat
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UOTTAWASCS 1160Andreas BussWinter

SCS 1160 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rationality, Feudalism, Scientific Revolution

OC9252884 Page
22 Jul 2016
10 multiple choice (4 points each: feudalism, tolstoi from science as a vocation/war and peace(x2, denomination, ideal type, patrimonialism (x3, value
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UOTTAWASCS 1160Jordan StancilWinter

SCS 1160 Study Guide - Final Guide: English Civil War, Social Inequality, Class Conflict

OC693069 Page
16 Feb 2014
The problem of social class seems to preoccupy many and arguably all of our authors. Write an essay about this theme using the following questions as g
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UOTTAWASCS 1160Andreas BussFall

[SCS1160] - Midterm Exam Guide - Ultimate 17 pages long Study Guide!

OC90473817 Page
5 Oct 2016
The albert einstein institution works to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action. Gene sharp created a list of 198 methods o
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SCS 1160 Study Guide - Feudalism, Bourgeoisie

OC2863857 Page
15 Jul 2014
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SCS 1160 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Social Order, Everyman

OC2863853 Page
14 Jul 2014
Midterm= 5 questions, one question on each writer we talked about (15 minutes per question) Good way to study is too bring up the state of nature and t
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SCS 1160 Study Guide - Social Science, Totalitarianism, Classical Republicanism

OC2863855 Page
10 Jul 2014
Even today his name is contributed with evil. He wrote the book, the prince, which explains what leaders should do. (narrator). As a leader, you must p
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SCS 1160 Study Guide - Age Of Enlightenment, Robert Filmer, Transgressive Fiction

OC28638514 Page
10 Jul 2014
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