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Second Language Teaching
Sima Paribakht

DLS MIDTERM STUDY SHEET Chapters 15General Overview Two ways of learning 1 Formallearn languages through institutions schools classes etc these institutions try to teach through conscious learning 2 Informalnatural family friends surroundings exposure to langpicking it upaka acquisitions aka unconscious learning wired from birth to learn languages Children vs Adults context is importantchildren learn languages as a tool essential for socialization need to learn labelscontext aka concepts need to put labels adults have limited time to spend on learning languages affective factors 1pride 2attitude adults have ego inhabitions and barriers of unsure all have own style of speaking identitynew language new identity ndReasons why adults learn a 2 languageprofessional integrationtalent religioussocial marry into diff culture forced to learn lang eng speakerItalianlearn itallian First Language Learning occurs in natural contextunconscious and through exposure constant exposuremax input startprogresses own pacetime lots of encouragement need for socializationno preconceived ideas Second Language Learning sometimes natural but usually forced very little exposurelittle encouragementpersonality traitsLanguage Learning and TeachingSecond Language Acquisition can be broken down Learning Characteristics who are you teaching what do they speakhome focus attention on crucial variables affecting learners successteachers ability to enable learners acquisition SLLSecond Linguistic factorswhat they must learn what is languagewhat is communication Language centralized to the discipline of linguistics teacher must know the system of languageits phonemes Learning morphemes words sentences discourse structures L2Second Learning process how does learning take placehow can one ensure success in language learning Language how the learner learnsL1First Age and Acquisition when in life is SLL taking place Language key issue in SLmany diff quesn about children and adults Instructional variables in natural enviro do all learners learn the same how active should they be focus on the how to teach Context how do cultural similaritiescontrasts affect learning process focusing on foreign lang only
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