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Introduction to the study of social movementsQuestions to consider in the study of social movementsWhat exactly are social movementsWhy do movements emerge sometimes and not other timesWhat are the best conditions for movements to emerge and succeedWhy do people joinit effects them directly or indirectlyHow important is the communications revolution social movementsAre Twitter and Facebook really democratizing the worldCan movements be effectiveWhat kind of social and political change do they actually produceHave social movements as we know them always existedHow do they get their message to us What kinds of tactics are most effectiveIs peaceful protest effective or do activists have to use violence to be effectiveWhat are some of the challenges that activists face in trying to be successfulHow does the relationships between the activists and police forces reflect the causeA case StudyThe South African AntiApartheid MovementCase studyFilm Have you Heard From Johannesburg 2009oDocumentary chronicling the history of the global antiapartheid movementoLargest social rights movement in historyo35 year social movement where the people of South Africa fought for their freedomoHow do groups challenge oppressionWhat questions does this movement raise for usWhat questions does it answerWhat was important about the way it unfoldedHow were they successfulREAD SEIDMAN GAY 2000BLURRED LINES NONVIOLENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA
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