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HUMAN RIGHTSHuman Possibility not how we are but how we could be utopic What are human rightsWhat is due to usWhat justice requiresentitlementsousually seen as a negativeowhen we talk about human rightsWe deserve this positive Who has human rightsInherent to humans by virtue of being humanwe have human rights because we are humansindependent of everything gender race class any marking of belonging Are all people humans are all humans peopleHumans cannot be defined as a person and person cannot be defined as a humannonhuman personsoDolphins should be seen as nonhuman persons and have their own rightsIndiachildren rights do not equal human rights Why do we have human rightsThey are a secular religion Elie Wieselworshipping an idea of ourselveskey term dignity Why do we have dignityall human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rightsarticle onewe have human rights for a life of dignityunconditional intrinsic valuedignity is not unique to humans Inalienablehuman rights cannot be taken away everbut prisons and states of emergency take them awaythey cant be taken away accept for hen they are contradictoryhuman rights is the freedom of movement Four Categories1Civil and Political rightsex right to vote1Social and Economic rightsex right to foodshelterhealth care1Minoritygroup rights1Environmental rightsex right to live in nonpollutionThese rights are takentaken away as a bundle and cannot be separatedexcept when they are Conflicting RightsBy definition there can be no hierarchies between rights they need to be taken as a wholecase 1 newspapers rights to publish details of an individuals personal life privacy rights Human Rights as pragmatic toolsThe principle currency as moral political and legal disputesohuman rightscurrency principleoStandardized worthprovided protection and assistancemust be enforced and implemented in practiceosaid to be utopic and idealistic unrealistic airy but must be put into use realistictrump cardoend argumentonothing to beat itoyou cannot argue against human rights Normsexpectations of behaviourohow ot be a good personality are human rights normsWe try to create norms around an idealized societynorms forever changehuman rights create international normshow a government should treat its people Theories of Human RightsSummary and Important PointsHuman rights indicate both nature and sourcethey are the rights that one has simply because one is humanthey re held by all human beingsthey are inalienable universal rights held equally by allnot all people enjoy their human rightsrights refers to what i right the right thing to do and also refers to a special entitlement that one has to somethingrights involve a set of institutions rules or practices that place right holders and duty bearers in a relationshipthe ultimate trump card in every argumentwhat it means to be human capable of reflective action and subject to the constraints of moralityno philosophical theory of human nature has wide spread acceptancebehaviourists human nature is the result of conditioningprinciple of utility requires us to act so as to maximize the balance of pleasure over painsome believe human rights to be given by godone must be recognized as a person in order to be treated with concern or respect The Last Utopia
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