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SCS1160Jan 1413what 2 things must prince be good at Military affairs and public opinion3 elemnts of citizenshipbe active in communityparticipation completely independent economicssociety virtue not wealth2 elements that macivli tries to balance reality vs appearance prince does moral things when needed while people must always be moral strong leadership on one hand and other hand freedommaciveli gives impression that not everyone will understand his work not tyranny but says leader must not be bound by same rules as peoplethinks prince is someone that can be taughtmust understand reality of thingssome people know others dont must make sacrificescommit immoral acts in order to save livesprotectmust love country more than soulwhy cant everyone be a prince Not everyone wants responsibility not everyone has the qualities neededbook says that immoral behaviour is necessary but to who acts are committed is not clearimmoral behaviour against elite members who challenge his ruleread chapters says dualitytwo levels of politics level you see and level where things happen ie deals sabotage etcmore tools for politicians to hide acts from public todayleaders know how to manipulate public by having good image in public eye while doing immoral acts against eliteto be truly invincible leader must have alliance between self and common peoplequote end ch 18Ch18how rulers keep promises whybc time to keep and time not to keep promisesthose skilled in deceiving win over those trustworthy always must then know when and when not to be trustworthycan use law or force law is less efficient so must go around lawsleader must be man and beastfox and lion allegorywhen going outside laws must know which of these to be lion is violentmaliciousfox is cunning and sneakydont keep promises if disadvantageousgood leader needs sense of timeknows situation and what needs to be done nowleader doesnt need to keep promises when circumstances changeneed to find plausible reasons for breaking promiseshide foxynesseasy to do bc people are so naive skilled leader can find people who will be deceivedleadership is about deal making constantlyleader is the one most willing to manipulate able to deal with situationshaving virtues all the time is bad but must seem to have themshould not do wrong if possible but must be able to be immoral when necessarymust know whenpublic really only cares about resultsoutcomethe end justifies the meansleader doesnt stand for anything just wants to maintain leadershipduality of fortune and prowless not quite virtuefortune is chance cant control or stop it but can use prowlesstry to predict and prepare for itgood leader can sorta control has an idea of what will happen and how to deal with itwill be some things will be praised and some things blamedshould know what people think of him vicesgenerosity or meanness ch16desirable to be considered generous but problem to be generous bc ppl will expect thingswhen new things come up ie need to start warfare take taxes public will be upset bc such is not generousstinginessmeanness is enabling vice bc no expectations so generosity is more appreciatedsurprisingmust be able to save so have something to give when necessary able to be generous at the most advantageous timeJan1613what is vertue what is fertuna Fertuna is that thing will happen that you cant control vertue is being able to deal with what happens and predict to the best what willcould happen genders fertuna is womanly passionateunpredictable vertue is masculine strong to deal w fertuna what is problem of generosity in leadership Expectationswhat is machiaveli say about lion and fox Must be lion ferocious forceful beastly and ready to fight when necessary be the fox sly conniving fraudful when necessary fox can get out of traps lion cannotdiscourses machiaveli commentary on roman historybelieves you need to have certain citizensgood citizen has individual initiative w collective discipline contribute but can also be disciplinedmonarchy rule by one aristocracy rule by few democracy rule by many3 good types of regimeprovision of monarchy is tyranny provision aristocracy is aligarchy provision of democracy is anarachyworks in cycleking eventually doesnt rule well for people selfish aristocracy takes over eventually they start taking too much people rebel and turn to democracy then becomes anarchic until strong leader takes over and cycle repeatsmachiaveli wants to know how to keep democracy for longest time solution is good citizensonly need good citizens for democracy bc people are subjects not participatory in other regimessees regime as machine and how this machine is crafted and operatesthinks scientifically thinks democracy is best regimethinks have to be careful about who receives the state and thinks state inevitably crumbles under only one man so many should have the powersees upper classes as most necessary but most dangerous in republicupper class takes too muchJan 2313fights sceptism of democracyw good citizens can trust the many over few bc few actually take more resources than the many mob doesnt ruin everythinggreedy elite doescycle monarchy aristocracy democracy
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