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Review ClassMidterm 5 questions one question on each writer we talked about 15 minutes per question Good way to study is too bring up the state of nature and then social contract how to get out of the state of nature for each person Machiavelli Hobbes Locke Rousseau General questionMachiavelli PowerCycles Things repeat themselves we will hit the same cycle and the same things we can learn from the past unlike what they thought before Rome We can stop at a democracy for a period but even that will fall apart Each positive form will deteriorate into a negative form of government Civic culture is the purpose Citizenship Ideal leader bad to be too generous because there are expectations You must be willing to commit immoral acts in order to prevent other immoral acts You have to be able to get your hands dirty and know when to make that judgment Virtu chance and fortuna knowing when to make that decision Fox and the lion sometime you need to use force and aggression and other times you need to be cunning to avoid traps you need to know when to use which on when to be the lion when to be the fox You need to know how to manage public opinion if youre too generous people will be disappointed when you cant
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