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Lecture 7 and 8Advertising and CultureAmerican culture is being globalizedculturebody of learned behaviors common to a given human society acts like a template so ppl know what appropriate behaviors areculture is learnedresides in all our behaviorgenerational conflicts in canadian immigrantsculture consists of our mental processes beliefs knowledge valuesnot just a set of rules its what ppl are actually behavingmany qualities of human life transmitted genetically eg the need to eatculture is learned eg what you eatMerchants of Coolhow advertisers tap into young ppl cultureteens have lots of disposable income150 billion industryteens are most studied generation in history32 million teens largest generationparents want to keep teen happy lots of guilt moneyteens nowadays grew up in world made of marketingtypical teen process 3000 ads a daymassive quantities of entertainment medialots of channels teens all segmented alreadyteens dont operate the same way unresponsive to brandsonly cool certain kind of personality certain social player is what keeps changing and fuels teenage preferenceslots of expert agencies that are cool huntersits about how good u trust the intervieweecorrespondents go find cool kidscorporations kill cool so companies need to find it before it goes bigforces cool to move onto the next thingkids perceive ads as the enemyneeds to sell lifestyle sell the cultureneed to get really involved in the culture think how they thinksprite and hiphop married to each other it IS hiphopentertainment companies own films music sports teams etc used to colonize teen societyentire MTV is one advertisement sell shows sell upcoming movie sell mvMTV needed to change along with kidsthey go to teens house and ask about opinionsadvertising permeates modern cultureppl unaware of how much it really doescompanies are competing against each other for your attentionwe benefit from more choices etc but ppl are kind of being manipulatedwider more important issued ignorednegative impact on our society culturemedia and advertising feed off each otheris culture created by advertising is advertising reflecting what is in our culturetvincluding advertising poses serious danger for all cultural production including art literature science philosophy and lawdramatic effects from implementation of tv ppl didnt go out ppl got fat academics went downadvertising has helped create false realitynews shows murders more than before but in fact murder rate is going downbecoming an avenue to really penetrate our livesadvertising claims to record reality and actually creates itManipulation and Absorption into Societywe are able to think for ourselves we are not total zombiesno strong evidence that ppl are apatheticpeople are aware of advertisingwe dont give them enough credit for making decisionssometimes buy certain products in limelightin 1960s new phenomenon on cultural sceneon macro level influence is very slow and inconspicuousaffects how we talk and dress etcmaybe make some values acceptable that werent beforeeg kleenex is a brand namevalues are absorbed into our societyTrendspotterspeople that are hired to find out what the next cool thing is aka cool hunterscool predicts what the next best thing isalpha consumers start using trend a year before other people
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