SOC 1101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Milgram Experiment, Moral Panic, Culture Shock

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1 Dec 2012

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The study of society, a concrete abstraction: not something you can observe but is real (affects us all) i. e. everyone wears clothes enforced by law. Makes us happy being accepted/loved: 90% live in urban areas always with people (cell, tv) A person and people are fundamentally different things. People create expectations: culture is created as an emergent property. You can take 2 things (people) that are dangerous on their own and when put together new thing (oxygen + hydrogen) These emergent properties have huge benefits but also have a dark side. Benefits: with emergence of dif roles, less time spent on fundamental needs (farmer, emerg of roles is not on individual level (class clown). Dark side: child labour in pakistan (quarter of a billion under age of 15 work, 5 million under age of 9, economy = concrete abstraction (ex university good job) How people create, reinforce and challenge society.