SOC 1101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Anomie, Critical Consciousness, Insider Trading

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Executives/street gangs (behaviour identical: seek power, wealth, etc) Learn things that lead you to deviant lifestyle (socialised) Journalist interviewed why prisoners kill person or the morals of motorcyclists. Absence of control, merge two types of deviance. Reason we don"t do it all the time is the control of parents, religion, wealth. Moral stratification: perceived distance from normality , i. e. lying (when someone is asking how you"re doing fine), lying under oath = jail time, i. e. 2 martha stewart (insider trading; info on business deals sell stock) vs. Both 5 months in jail, but treated differently. We look at inequality in two senses; moral lens and analytical lens. Medical school is expensive, being tested in university for uniquely your smarts . If you go up the ladder someone must go down. Little to do with lifestyle access to power and privileges, economy shapes peoples capacities.

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