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ReligionChapter19ReligionbasicconceptsProfane ordinary element from everyday life understand in terms of everyday usefulness Scared set apart as extraordinary inspiring awe and reverenceReligion social institution involving beliefs and practices based on recognizing the sacredRitual formal ceremonial behaviour Religion a matter of Faith belief based on conviction rather than scientific evidence Scientific sociologists is not threat to religion they study it just like how they study family StructuralFunctionalanalysisSociety itself is godlike Totem object in the natural world collectively defined as sacred3 major functions of religion that contribute to the operation of societyoSocial cohesion unites people through shared symbolism values and norms establish fair playoSocial control to promote conformity oProviding meaning and purpose comforting sense Less likely to despair in the face of tragedySymbolicInteractionanalysisVarious rituals and daily prayers sharpen distinction between the sacred and the profaneWhen one faces problems we turn to our sacred symbolsSocialConflictAnalysisTension between politics and religionGender and religion tensionLiberation Theology combining of
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