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SOC1101 Lecture 1Social imagination C Wright MillsAbility to see relationship between individual experiences and the larger societyThis concept allows us to understand seemingly personal problem relate to larger society become public issuesociety a large social grouping that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectationsglobal interdependence a relationship in which the lives of all people are intertwined closely and any one nations problems are part of a larger global problemsociologist strive to use scientific standards not popular myths or hearsay in studying society and social interactionsLecture 2 The origins of SociologySocial Fact Social Conflict Social ActionWhen where and why was sociology inventedWhat sociologists doLook at social patternsChallenge social perceptionsSociological imagination be able to see personal experience and relate to societyYoung discipline Sociology is 175 years oldThere have been people who have mused about society and its peopleSome Classical Philosophers and Social Thinkers thThomas hobbs 17 century England life was brutal nasty short so need strong king to protectJohn locke talked about individual rights and freedomRousseau said civilization was corrupt or corrupt individualsConfucius 15511479 BCoRole modelling leadershipPlato 427347 BCoSociety was outcome of political interactionsAristotle 384322 BCoStudent of plato said society is outgrowth of basic biological needs military family Ibn Khaldun 13321406oExamined tribes countries dynastiesoStudied there history culture and economy Shakespeare 15641616oMade observation of human nature passionoProvide insight into human conditionMontesquieu 16891755 oSpirit of laws Argued human laws embody cultural moray geographical concerns specific to societyMost of them focused on imagining the ideal society and did not take it from a sociological POVphilosophies tell you how to behaveSocial Change and Sociology Sociology emerged as a discipline due to dramatic social change transformation during that time especially due to Industrialization and Urbanization processPolitical revolutionsScientific revolution science of society was possibleIndustrializationFrom agriculture and handmade products to manufacturing and related industriesMoving to reliance upon machines and technologyNo longer living off the landththProcess began in 18 century full in 19
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