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University of Ottawa

Introduction and Justification of the StudyIn recent years the global community has seen its share of sociological issues social movements and political changes The global economy has taken a toll for the worse and many individuals have been affected by the market crash Take for example the United States and the massive bailouts that had to be introduced to ensure the country would survive the recession One of the side effects of this economic downturn in the United States was the housing crisis and the dramatic crash of real estate One may be lead to ask why some were affected and others werent When thinking about the housing crisis one may even wonder how some were able to afford such high market prices for homes and how their income would allow them to make such a large purchase Generally speaking an increase in income would lead to an increase in the size and cost of homes that individuals own Although many studies exist about income gender and income childhood social statuses and future educational accomplishments few studies exist between the relationship of these factors and the lifestyle of those living in mansions Research questionWhat is the relationship between income education and the ownership of mansions More precisely what role does education have in providing a higher income for individuals What education do mansion owners have assuming they have a high income In essence the purpose of the research will be to uncover what kind of education and incomes are the norm for individuals who own mansions The study will also take into consideration childhood social status In this sense the study may shed light on what effects childhood social statuses have on individuals later on in life
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