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Sociology Chapter 6MY NOTESCooley consciousness cannot develop without social interaction We cannot conceive of ourselves without referring to others Claimed that sociologists must imagine imaginations meaning that they must apply the principles of the sociological imagination as well as the sociological perspective Mead Claimed the self is composed of two elements The I and the me The I is the emotional spontaneous side of you and the me is the controller of the I in the sense that it makes you think how you ought to behave so you dont embarrass yourself Significant others people we want to impress or gain approval from Generalized other not any specific person but rather a compilation of attributes that we associate with the average member of society roletaking putting yourself in someone elses shoes to empathizeMead claimed that children pass through a series of three distinct stages1Preparatory stage 03Children imitate what they see others doing They do not understand the meaning of them but they want to please the significant otherstheir parents Through positive and negative reinforcement children being to develop the I but the me is also being formed in the background2Play stage35Children learn through playing The me continues to grow because they want positive reinforcement from their significant others Language skills begin to developthis skill must be mastered before a stable sense of self can emerge3Game Stageelementary school yearsChildren take on several roles at once student daughter etc By doing this they begin to identify more with the generalized other They begin to understand the needs of the individual as well as the group In this stage primary socialization occurs when people learn the attitudes values and appropriate behaviours for individuals in their culture They begin to develop their first sense of self as an individual Secondary socialization teensolderParttime jobs citywide sports teams volunteer activities help individuals to develop the skills needed to fit in with various other groups of people throughout their livesFreud believed in psychosexual development the unconscious mind is full of memories of events experiences and traumas from childhood many of which are form the sexual nature He believed people used defense mechanisms to defend themselves from painful memoriesId the individuals biological drives and impulses Super ego values morals conscience Ego debates between the Id and Superego it is conscious realitybased figure
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