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Unit 1Deviance Normality and Social ControlSociology as the study of1How people create reinforce and challenge society2How society affects individuals and groupsThe Puzzle of Social OrderWhere do social rules come fromHow are social rules reinforcedWhy do people break social rulesWhat is DevianceWays of acting and ways of being that within particular social contexts and in particular historical periods elicit moral condemnationSociological perspectives on deviance1NOT a moral term but an analytical one2Deviance as a doublesided coin3Deviance can tell us a lot about social change Why do we seek to control the behaviour of othersPowerEthnocentricComfortParadoxesDeviance is normalWe engage in deviance every day Does deviance have a social functionIt lays out an imaginary line that says what kind of deviance are okay in everyday life and what is going too far It also provides a sense of safety and security to people People can define what they are not by comparing them to deviants which helps establish their morale Primary Deviance The kinds of deviance we indulge in all the time lying cheating smoking drinking etcSecondary Deviance A life organized around deviance When deviance is at the core of a persons identity For example theres a difference between stealing and being a thief The Moral Panic Happens when members of the general populus begin to see deviance everywhere It gets activated in a extremely specific but very broad way For example the 911 attacks Its about a loss of control Why do people act in deviant waysAs a statement of individuality Because theyve observed it
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