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1What is the dive response and what is its physiological significance to a diving animal 2 marksThe dive response which was formally known as the diving reflex is the prominent slowing of the heart bradycardia and peripheral vasoconstriction that occurs when animals stop breathing under water The physiological significance this has to a diving animal is that the diving response is a mechanism by which animals submerged in water can retain oxygen and reserve it specifically for the brain and the heart 2What hypothesis was tested in the study of Noren et al 2012 Explain the rationale for this hypothesis 2 marksThe hypothesis tested within the study of Noren et al 2012 was positive correlation between heart rate and physical exertion in submergence They attempted to show this correlation by studying the heart rate of marine animals at different heart rates The rationale for this hypothesis is based on the exercise response for terrestrial animals Just as the heart rate of terrestrial mammals increases with higher intense activity Noren et alHypothesize that the same effect should occur for mammals submerged in water with higher swimming intensity 3Noren et al 2012 used the interbeat interval ie the time between successive heartbeats in an ECG trace for example see Fig 2A to calculate heart rate Why 1 markThe study used an interbeat int
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