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SOC 1101 POTENTIAL EXAM ESSAY QUESTIONS1Discuss what a sociologist means by an Organisation using the nine 9 points in Richard Halls definitionIllustrate with examples from an organization to which you belongAn organisation is a large group of individuals that is formally organised for the purpose of attaining a goal1A relatively identifiable boundaryThe boundary tells us who is included in the boundaryWho are the members eg the universityorganisation has faculty staff and students clientsYou are part of this collectively2A normative orderIt has formal procedures eg registration for a courseNorms and morals3Ranks of authority and division of labourTheres a hierarchy Decisions are known an accepted by membersThe position 4Communication systemTheres official communication as well as informal communicationTheres levels of hierarchy eg is a prof was charged with student harassment5Membership coordinating systemTo make sure everything gets done eg classrooms are set schedules are done for studentsThis involves specialization eg the office of the registrar is responsible for writing admission letters but the finance office is responsible for collecting fees while the professors are the ones responsible for the actual teaching process6Exists on a relatively continuous time basisFor example the semesters in the universityIt has for semesters winter spring summer and fallcommission on campus safety to do a special job and thats it1
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