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SOC1101ESept 7Character of scienceA central problem A set of conceptsA collection of factsTheoretical knowledge Research methodsAbout sociologyConte defines sociology as the study of level of social dynamics the forces that gives us stability in society and the ability to changeWhy the interest in social change and social stabilitySociology can be understood as the intellectual response to thThe scientific rev17 century Galileo time infuse in progressThe industrial rev great Britain beginning of 1740 radical change in the way people workThe French rev beginning of 1789 in France catalyst class wanted change in law that involves propertywealthRedefining the sociological problemAs more observations were made sociologists rejected the idea that there were natural laws of societyA consequence of this was a redefinition of the sociological problemSociology today is best understood as the study of cultureDefinition of cultureSociety constructedConsists of material ex Physical nature ex Roads which are things humans have built and nonmaterial factors things we mentally create ex stories we tellComplexLearned and shared learned in cultureHistorical and cumulativeVaries from places to placeCulture is thought to be a mode of adaptation to an environmentSOC1101ESociology today is defined as the study of cultureMore specifically sociologists investigate1The making of culture the agency perspective2Your culture shapes behaviour the social structural perspectiveCulture and human natureSociologists argue that much of the behaviour that is attributed to human nature is in fact sociology determinedThe cooperative method is used to distinguish socially determined behaviour from biologically based nature1The cross cultural comparison2The historical comparisonSept 14Objectivity Common senseLargely consist of prejudicial ideas about the world Rene Descartes the source of our biased ideas1Biases of childhood 2the biases of the authorities 3our appetitesselfish interestCommon efforts in reasoning 1selective observations2over generalizations Objectivity requires that such ideas be put a sideScience characteristics 1The relative not absolute nature of ideas2The null hypothesisDoing sociology
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