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Sociology MidtermThe sociological imaginationAbility to see the relationship between individual experiences and the larger society Helps us distinguish between personal troubles and social issues Helps us place seemingly personal troubles such as contemplating suicide or losing ones job into a larger social context private problems of individuals and the networks of people with whom they Personal troublesassociate regularlyPublic Issues matters beyond an individuals own control that are caused by problems at the societal levelSociologyWhy study sociologyIt helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and our social worldEnables us to see how behaviour is largely shaped by the groups to which we belong and the society in which we live Develop a greater awareness of the connection between our own world and that of other people Things are not what they seemEnabling us to look beyond intuition commonsense or our personal experiencesSociety a large social grouping that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectationsSociologistsObserve and interpret societyThey notice social patternsInvestigate and challenge common assumptionsUse systematic research techniquesGlobal interdependence a relationship in which the lives of all people are intertwined closely and any one nations problems are part of a larger global problemCommonsense knowledge guides ordinary conduct in everyday life However commonsense knowledge is often mythical Myth popular but false notion that may be used either intentionally or unintentionally to perpetuate certain beliefs or theories in the light of conclusive evidence to the contraryAnalyze the impact of the problem not only from the standpoint of the people directly involved but also from the standpoint of the effects of such behaviour on all peopleRace specify groups of people distinguished by physical characteristics like skin colourEthnicity cultural heritage or identity of a group and is based on factors such as language or country of originClass the relative location of a person or group within a larger society based on wealth power prestige or other valued resourcesSex refers to the biological and anatomical differences between females and malesGender Meanings beliefs and practices associated with sex differencesThe Development of Sociological ThinkingEarly thinkers primarily stated what they thought society ought to be like rather than describing how society actually wasThe idea of observing how people lived to find out what they thought did not take hold thuntil the 19 century with the social upheaval brought about by industrialization and urbanizationIndustrialization the process by which societies transformed from dependence on agriculture and handmade products to an emphasis on manufacturing and related industriesUrbanization the process by which an increasing proportion of a population lives in cities rather than rural areas
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