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Chapter 10 Sex and GenderGender is a social constructionMen and women are inherently different in attributes behaviour and aspirationsSo what effect does gender inequality have on men and womenHow do a societys resources and economic structure influence gender stratificationWhat are the primary agents of gender socializationHow does the contemporary workplace reflect gender stratificationGender the distinctive qualities of men and women masculinity and femininity that are culturally createdSex refers to the biological and anatomical differences between females and malesPrimary sex characteristics the genitalia used in the reproductive processSecondary sex characteristics the physical traits other than reproductive organs that identify an individuals sexHermaphrodite a person in whom sexual differentiation is ambiguous or incompleteproduced by a hormone imbalanceboth genitaliaTranssexual a person in whom the sexrelated structures of the brain that define gender identity are opposite from the physical sex organs of the persons bodyFeel they are opposite sex from that of their sex organsCan have hormone treatmentsWestern societies only recognize female and male gender where as some other societies have three male female and berdaches which is males who behave as women
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