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SOC 1101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gender Role, List Of Middle-Earth Rivers, Nuclear Family

6 pages116 viewsFall 2013

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SOC 1101
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SOC1101- Possible Final Questions: 80 points (40%)
Part A: M/C (10 points)
1. Sexual ________ refers to a preference of gender a person is attracted to. For
example heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.
Answer: orientation (Prof gives this one for free when he does exam review)
2. Everything in society is Gendered
3. Critical race theory on the basis of civil rights and writings of Martin Luther King,
Malcolm X
4. Which one is true?
a. Men are pressured more to be masculine than girl are pressured to feminine.
b. Female are more pressured than guy
c. Adults play a highly influential role more than peers even during school on
masculinity and feminity
d. Both b and d
(choice d I don’t remember)
5. Are overgeneralizations about the appearance behavior or other characteristics of
members of particular groups?
A: Stereotypes
6. Cohabitation: live together without marriage, which one is true?
a. People who cohabit usually will get married
b. People who cohabit are between the ages of 15-19
c. People who cohabit does not necessarily mean they will have a stable marriage
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Part B: Conceptual definitions
1. What do sociologists mean by the terms racial and ethnic group? What is the
difference between them?
-Race: People who have been singled out as inferior or superior, on the basis of
real or alleged physical characteristics, such as skin color, eye shape, or hair
texture. (People, who have singled out as different, sometimes based on facial
attributes (hair color, facial features and other physical attributes).
-Ethnic Group: Collection of people, distinguished by others or by themselves,
primarily based on cultural or nationality characteristics.
ascribed membership from birth, characterized by cultural traits and a relative
sense of community
language, religion, cultural features, NOT physical features
Race refers to physical characteristics and ethnicity refers to cultural features.
2. Define and show the difference between racism and ethnocentrism?
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