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Multiple Choice Questions1What is the definition of sociology according to the textaThe scientific analysis of primitive peoplebThe systematic study of human society and social interactioncThe methodological analysis of the politics of socialismdThe academic discipline that examines individual human behaviourANSBREFpage 42Which of the following people described sociological reasoning as the sociological imaginationaWright MillsbEmile DurkheimcTalcott ParsonsdPeter BergerANSAREFpage 43 Which of the following is one of the reasons discussed in the text to study sociologyaSociology enables us to see how behaviour is largely shaped by instinctsbSociology reinforces our commonsense knowledgecSociology enables us to reinforce our established ways of thinkingdSociology helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and the social worldANSDREF page 564 Which of the following is the term used in the text to describe a popular but false notion that may be used either intentionally or unintentionally to perpetuate certain beliefs or theories even in the light of conclusive evidence to the contraryacontradictionbmisnomercfalsehooddmythANSDREF page 565 The movement of people from rural to urban areas to find work in factories is a social process known as which of the followingaurbanizationburban sprawlcthe enlightenmentdindustrializationANSDREF page 76 Which of the following people is credited with having coined the term sociology and is considered to be the founder of sociologyaAuguste ComtebMax WebercHarriet Martineaudmile DurkheimANSAREFpage 9
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