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SOC1101CPrinciples of SociologyProf Stephan LaroseOffice Hours Tues 16001730 Thurs 13001400 in FSS 10062 StephanLaroseuottawacaEvaluationsMidterm I 30October 2ndMidterm II 30November 2ndFinal Exam 4011092012The Sociological ImaginationThe ability to see the relationship between personal experiences and the larger societyConnecting seemingly personal problems to larger social trends and processesUnemploymentFactory downsizingSeeing for personal problems link to cultureCoffeeStrive for a global sociological imagination dont just worry about your own backyardCoffee a purely private matterImplies a cultural settingSocially significantSocially acceptableSocially availableImplies an extensive social division of labour and a complex social organizationImplies the world history economics and politics of coffee14092012The Origins of SociologySocial Fact Social Conflict Social ActionWhen where and why was sociology inventedFrench social philosopher invented sociology in 1838 named August LacombSome Classical Philosophers and Social ThinkersConfucius 15511479 BCPlato 427347 BCAristotle 384322 BCIbn Khaldun 13321406Shakespeare 15641616Montesquieu 16891755None of them focused of society from a sociological point of view instead focusing on the ideal society They did not analyze society as it was from a scientific perspectiveSocial Change and SociologyIndustrialization and UrbanizationPolitical revolutionsScientific revolutionIndustrializationFrom agriculture and handmade products to manufacturing and related industriesA reliance on machines to meet needsUrbanizationPopulation moving from rural areas to citiesEmergence of many new social problemsAnonymity isolation inadequate housing crowded cities unsanitary and unhealthy work and living conditions homelessness high rates of poverty pollution criminal behaviour etcPopular discontent among the working classstrikes protest social uprising angry mobs clashing with the police or the army etcPoliticalDemocratic RevolutionsChanges in political thoughtsociety as the product of individual selfinterestnew political climate individual freedom and rightsThe French revolutionIntroduction of a new principle into history by demanding political action to redress mass povertyLiberty Equality and FraternityShowed that men not god created the boundaries of societiesEarly SociologistsHow and why do societies changeWhat are the social forces holding societies together to create order and stability over timeHow do modern societies differ from the preceding onesAuguste Comte 17981857Coined the word sociology but preferred the term social physicsSought to do a science of societySocial statics order and stability and dynamics conflict and changeResented the French Revolution thought it weakened the French social fabric and saw France as anarchisticmile Durkheim 18581917Created the first rules of methods in sociologyBrought sociology to the university created the first chair in sociology at la Sorbonne in ParisTrained the first students in the disciplineCreated the first academic sociological journal LAnne sociologique 1898Introduced statistical analysis as a method for studying sociologySociety is more than the sum of its partshas a unique character of its own not reducible to the behaviour of any one individualthere is a social world that has its own rulesSocial Factspatterned ways of acting thinking and feeling that exist outside any one individual but that exert social control over each personRoles norms values social institutions etcSuicide as Social Fact
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