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Sociology Midterm1 chapter 1 notesStephan LaroseSociology is the study of human society and social interactions Studies social behaviours of individuals and uses scientific methodology to investigate common assumptionsTerm derived from Latin word socious social being with others and Greek word logossciencereasonsociology the scientific study of society or othersSociologists notice social patters eg females vs males racism sexisminvestigate challenge common assumptionsperceptionsbeliefs they look at how a problem may directlyindirectly affect people eg suicides racism sexism and etcWhy study sociology Enables us to understand ourselves and the social word we reside inEnables us to understand behaviours associated with groupsociety we are in Society large social groups that share same geographical location political authority and dominant cultural experiencesGlobal Independence relationships in which each social institutionnation are intertwined causing them to be depends on one another Eg America often affects Canada with every move military economicsSociology provides new ways of approaching things giving us wide perspectives to deal with problemsdecisions as common sense intuition and experiences do not always provide us with the best insightSociological Imagination the ability to see the relationships between personal experiences and relate it to larger societyCWMills Thoughts often develop from a culturalsocial setting eg language Eg a million years ago you wouldnt need things you have today eg computers nor would you be able to communicate with another in a broader scale Coffee is a common social relation although it is a drug it is socially accepted Many people go on coffee breaksdates it acts as a social lubricant resulting to addiction Coffee is socially accepted and available The origins of sociologyfounded in 1838 by a French philosopher it is about 175 years old and was coined by august Comte Some classical philosophers and social thinkers include Aristotle Plato shake sphere Confucius Montesquieu Lbn Khaldun and etc
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