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Sociology 1101 C Prof Nathan Youngabbreviation of lecture on virtual campusWhat is SociologySociology is the study of societya concrete abstractionnot something we can observe but it is a real thing thats almost impossible to perceiveit is real because it effects all of usObservation 1Humans are social animals Humans are driven to be together Humans survive not because they are strong but because they are smart and can organize We choose to live this way Genetically programmed to come into contact with others for example when we are tired we go home to watch tv but we watch people thus coming in contact with themObservation 2 A person and people are fundamentally different thingsYou can study a person in all ways but if you try to generalize that person to all peopleit will not workWhen people come together you get new things that cannot be observed from one person For example influenced by peer pressure and doing things you would not do aloneEmergent Propertiesthe observation that you can take 2 things that Emergent Properties have their own properties and mix them together to create something new ie culture is created thru different types of people and they can create a languageObservation 3 These emergent properties have huge benefitsbut they also have a dark side Benefits the emergents of all kinds of different roles that help for Benefitssurvivalcollective meaning we get comfort from each other thru recreation arts religion showing us that we are here for some kind of purposeNegatives use of others at such a young age to benefit othersit is Negativeslikely that there are others who are clearly outside of a particular group and they are very unhappy about itSociologists study1 How people create reinforce and challenge society norms2 How society affects individuals and people091311Core Question of Sociology Why are things the way that they are and not some other waythe way to get thru life is to take mental shortcutssociologists ask the deeper questions of why ie why do we do what we do and not some other way
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