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SOC1101LECTURE 1KARL MARXconflict theorychange theory historical materialismdevelopmentalexpansion of capitalismrapid urbanizationMODES OF PRODUCTIONSbasis of societyreflected by governmentlawreligionartpursuit of profit is the most important in capitalist regimeconcerned with results of this system worried with social fragmentation disintegration and conflictexploitation in pursuit of profit therefore creating conflict within capitalization and capitalist societyCLASS SYSTEMBOURGEOISIEindustrialists capitalists ie owns means of productionPROLETARIATworking class ie selling labour to bourgeoisietension and struggle causing fraught in relationshipselfrealization to workhumans have an innate drive to work and marx argued that motivation is needed for humans to workultimate aim of society is to be productivistscapitalism inverted world of work and turned it against the workersconditions of work is the epitome of revelling against the rive toe workALIENATIONcapitalism leading to alienation disconnection to workan effect of industrialized capitalist processesabsence of control over the productalienationindifferent and hostile towards work and framework of industrial production within capitalist systemno opportunities for change in a capitalist environmentWORKERS AS COMMODITIESconsidered as a commodity and equal to productsgoods you are sellingWAGE LABOUR AND VALUEdifference between the exchange of value of commodities and the exchange of labour for wagesit is labour that determines the exchange value of commodities the exchange of labour for wages is not reciprocally balancedexchange value of commodities doesnt reflect that of wages of labourHISTORICAL MATERIALISMmain source of social change are driven by economic influenceschanges in the mode of productionrelationship to the means of productionour society also changes whether historical sense changes caused by mode of productionLECTURE 2ANALYZING SOCIAL CLASScontemporary descriptionlarge group who occupy a similar economic positon in wide societyDYNAMICS OF POWERclass is relationalrelation needed to mean anythingclasses are structurally in conflict
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